Quite possible the if not one of the most iconic cities of Faerûn is Waterdeep, City of Splendors, Crown of the North or simply, The Best Damn Place to Go Look for Your Fortune.

The city is named after its exquisitely deep natural harbors. And among other things, famed for its tolerance to all races in existence. Unanimously the busiest of cities, its people live life in the fastest pace possible, always striving for more. An exemplary of urban living the city thrives in a permanent bustle with traffic of wagons, business of almost anything imaginable (the rest may still be found in areas such as the Downshadow) and vibrant nightlife of its own brand of multicultural entertainment (for example, if your tastes run in street-theater of the vertically-challenged or non-humanoid negotiable-affections, etc).

Governed effectively over 300 years by its quasi-independent and highly secretive and varied selection members, Waterdeep has one of the most politically stable states as well. Among these magistrates — going by the names of Lords of Waterdeep or the Black Robes as the hide their true identities with black robes and masks — a few are known as Open Lords as they show their faces and become a spokesperson. Waterdeep’s current Open Lord is [[Dagult “Dagger” Neverember]], a fellow quite befitting the cities charms. The city also has its share of guilds and nobles, although much of their influence and power has waned in the aftermath of the inter-guild wars and the spellplague.

The city itself is divided in several wards for jurisdictional efficiency, they are as follows:

There are of course, some unoffical areas, neighborhoods and other landmarks:

A city of Waterdeep’s magnificence must have it countless wonders to experience indeed but some of the more curious can be noted, such as the beautiful [[Glow-Globes]], illuminated spheres of light that appeared after the spellplague and float freely around the city streets, flocking magical displays or simply persons of interest in apparent expressions of intelligence. The famed Timeshand, a golemwork clock of sheer ingenuity and precision. The nearly mythical Walking Statues of the city too are worth mentioning — even though in the wake of the plague they went wild and mostly destroyed themselves — some remain, unmoving. A note to add, a localized plague-induced effect shrouds over the city rendering any detection and location magic entirely useless… much to both joy and scorn to a few of its inhabitants.


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