Alturiak 13, 1480DR

Another year another fresh journal to write, but I am certain that this one will be far more interesting, and might just take less time to fill than the last.

Why? because we have found the others, both of them!

I say we, but the truth is, it is Selana who has achieved this breakthrough after her year-long investigation. In my defense individuals are not my forte. It is simple to assume that these two, both former clients to the old man would prove simple to locate, but thanks to my dedicated uncle and his work ethic we had no leads what-so-ever… must avoid grumbling, I have already devoted an entire page-worth to Jenkin’s lack of assistance. The fact is that the feat was made even more difficult by the Warlocks paranoid compulsion to avoid being tagged and the boy’s sheer lack of identification.

Regardless, she has done it. After all these months — which the old man could have cut much shorter if he ever mastered the concept of archival.

Once she returns from her confirmation trip — I am convinced, but she insists on certainty — we shall prepare to approach them. Quite possibly at the beginning of Ches.

I must remember to collect a suitable gift for Selana, it is quite difficult buying something to a girl who is literally in two minds over most things…

Oh right, musn’t forget Ms. Hearty as well, it will be most impolite.


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